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Why Cross-Dressing Can Be Good For You!

Of course there are probably many ways in which cross-dressing can be good for you, but today I’ve been thinking about how much it can boost your overall confidence.  You might be timid and shy in your “every day” life, but what about when you dress as a whole other person?

Remember the . . . → Read More: Why Cross-Dressing Can Be Good For You!

The Nervous Sissy

Poor little sissy; sitting there, trembling like an aspen leaf.  Wearing a pair of pretty panties under one’s business suit was one thing, but this was something entirely new.  Entirely big.  Entirely scary.

Will Sissy Be Punished?

What was Mistress going to do?  There had been hints of a “special reward”.  What would . . . → Read More: The Nervous Sissy

“You Really Enjoy This, Don’t You?”

It’s usually said with an expression of surprise.  I’m not often asked the question “Do you like doing what you do?” but sometimes a caller will express surprise that I very obviously DO enjoy it.

It shouldn’t really be a surprise.  Think of it this way, I’m a naturally dominant woman who enjoys all . . . → Read More: “You Really Enjoy This, Don’t You?”

The Dark Side of Sissy

For me, and I suspect for many other femdom Mistresses, owning a sissy is a little like a grown-up version of owning a doll.  A sissy’s fun to dress up and play silly games with, sometimes the sillier the better!

There’s a Darker Side

However, it must be said that sometimes the game becomes . . . → Read More: The Dark Side of Sissy

Did You Miss Me?

Yes, I know I’m late.  I was gone much longer than expected but sometimes things happen that even I can’t control (believe it or not).  Anyway, I’m back now and normal (normal…?) service can resume.  That means I’m taking your kinky calls again and the Magic Bus is back on my live YouTube channel . . . → Read More: Did You Miss Me?