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Listen to Me…

Now where were we?  Or, rather, where were you?  Oh yes, that’s right, you were tossing and turning in your bed; your hard throbbing cock not allowing you to sleep.  My voice haunted your fevered dreams whenever you did manage to fall asleep.  What did it say?  Not that it matters, really.  The point . . . → Read More: Listen to Me…

It’s My Birthday Week!

I celebrate my birthday this week (the 25th) and I have to say the week got off to a great start!   Well, “great” might not be the appropriate word, but yesterday was certainly interesting.


“Let us take you for lunch” they said.  “We can only do it on . . . → Read More: It’s My Birthday Week!

Sisters of Subversion

We are the sisters of subversion.  We are the women of LDW and we’ll be celebrating 13 of years of subversion throughout the month of November.

What We Do

We talk of things other women won’t, consider ideas other women wouldn’t dream of, work to make your dreams come to . . . → Read More: Sisters of Subversion

Dominant Woman

I suppose “dominance” means different things to different people.  Recently I’ve been finding out just how different the definitions can be!!  So, what does the dictionary (in this case the OED) say about it?

dominant:  dominating, prevailing, most influential

dominance:  1. the state of being dominant. 2. control, . . . → Read More: Dominant Woman

Kinky Phone Sex and MORE

So what’s been happening lately? Yes, I know I’ve been sadly neglecting this blog, but I’ve been distracted by all the fun at Enchantrix Empire! Which reminds me, if you haven’t already done so, you should really check out the Empire – our social networking site – at

What . . . → Read More: Kinky Phone Sex and MORE