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Contact Me

What I do is all about communication, isn’t it?  And we all know by now (and if you don’t, you should) that Yahoo IM is no more.  Or at least it certainly isn’t what we were used to in terms of keeping in touch with me and your other favourite LDW Mistresses.

Confused? . . . → Read More: Contact Me

Now Where Did I Leave That Strap-On…?

Now then, where were we?  Oh yes, I was just lubing up my strap-on and trying to decide what position to fuck you in.  You, I believe, were practising your deep breathing.  Very wise.

Which Strap-On?

I can never decide which strap-on to use on a new subbie.  I know I should start off . . . → Read More: Now Where Did I Leave That Strap-On…?

The Sounds of Phone Sex

We all know that exploring your fantasies and fetishes over the phone has limitations, so how fortunate it is that one of my favourite things (one might even say one of my fetishes) is hearing you. Hearing the many and varied sounds you make while we chat. What sounds can I elicit from . . . → Read More: The Sounds of Phone Sex

Catherine’s Phone Sex

Just so you know, I don’t do phone fucks.  If you’re looking for someone to give you what I call an “oo baby” call then you’ve come to the wrong place.  If you’re looking to get your cock sucked, then you’ve definitely come to the wrong place, in fact if . . . → Read More: Catherine’s Phone Sex

Guided Masturbation

Masturbation’s supposed to feel good.  It’s supposed to relieve tension, make you feel more relaxed, so how come it doesn’t always turn out that way?  Masturbation can be fraught with tension; do I have time to cum before somebody comes in, can I cum when I have today’s tasks weighing on me, . . . → Read More: Guided Masturbation