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The Birth of an Intelligent Domme – Part I

When a subbie asked what he could do for me, I said: “Write me a blog.”  Here it is.  Let me know what you think.

Many of the Dommes here at LDW are asked by one caller or another when we first discovered the dominant side of our personality or when did our interests . . . → Read More: The Birth of an Intelligent Domme – Part I

Safe, Sane and Consensual – Part III

The rule of the three S’s doesn’t just protect the subbie; it protects the Domme as well.  For the most part, my callers are perfectly sane (well, you know …) and the games we play are safe since so many of them exist in fantasy only, and of course, they’re consensual.

Not-So-Sane Requests . . . → Read More: Safe, Sane and Consensual – Part III

You Are Slave

You are not man.  Not any longer.  You are not person.  Not now.  You do not exist.  Not apart from me.  You are slave.  Only slave.  Love is not for you.  Sexual gratification is not for you.  Only obedience.  Only service.  My happiness is your consolation.

Aching For Release . . . → Read More: You Are Slave

Men Are Just Desserts

I don’t know who first coined that phrase but they were absolutely right, whether you take it to mean that you get what you deserve (in a man) or that they’re sweet, tasty, trivial things that can’t be taken seriously.  Oh sure, they have their little tantrums and hissy fits and sometimes . . . → Read More: Men Are Just Desserts

Goodbye Happy Hour!

Yes, Wednesday’s “Happy Hour with Constance and Catherine” was the last – at least for the time being. It was only ever meant to be a temporary measure to help the former Pub patrons through the transition and now our work is done! You’ll still be able to find Ms Constance and . . . → Read More: Goodbye Happy Hour!