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The Siren/Femdom’s Kiss

We talked, didn’t we, about him being kissed until his knees buckled; we talked about him worshipping my body by being permitted to kiss me anywhere but “there”, but what if I kiss him anywhere but “there”?

Luring Him to His Doom

Many a man has been undone by a kiss.  What if a . . . → Read More: The Siren/Femdom’s Kiss


Well, almost – not quite!  It’s called New Year’s Eve in England, New Years (for some reason) in Canada but in Scotland it’s Hogmanay.

Why Is It Hogmanay To Me?

Even though I was born on the south side of the Scottish border (some, even family members, say the . . . → Read More: Hogmanay!

How Kinky Am I?

So What’s Kink Anyway?

I know, I know, it’s a bit of a foolish question isn’t it?  After all the question of kink is pretty subjective; one woman’s kink is another woman’s vanilla.  I’ve heard people say that wearing stockings is kinky and that wearing anything leather “below the waist” is . . . → Read More: How Kinky Am I?

Strap-On Training and Phone Sex

Around the Empire we tend to refer to it as strap-on “training”, but often there’s very little training involved.  When you call me for strap-on training it’s more about establishing trust, because isn’t the idea of you bending over in front of me, parting your cheeks and allowing me to penetrate you, . . . → Read More: Strap-On Training and Phone Sex

Another Tickle Slut

It seems my post about the tickle slut has touched a nerve, or two, or three…  Lots of you have responded to it and some of the sluts I’ve spoken to about it never even considered it before, but once they had they just couldn’t stop thinking about it!  They found, as . . . → Read More: Another Tickle Slut