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Twice the Phone Sex Fun!

I had a rare treat today (no, not that kind) –  I got to play with one of my very favourite people, Ms Olivia!  It’s been a while since Ms Olivia and I shared a subbie between us and today a very brave soul decided to surrender himself to the two of us.

But . . . → Read More: Twice the Phone Sex Fun!

Should I?

Should I destroy it then?  Should I shatter it to tiny pieces?  This primitive self you gave to me?  This id?  You did say you wanted to belong to me; insisted you were all mine.  You gave me complete control.  Didn’t you?

Shall I hold this fragile . . . → Read More: Should I?

February Phone Sex and Other Fun Stuff

Does anyone in the northern hemisphere like February?  Really like it?  Even the skiers, snowboarders, tubers, etc. have surely had enough snow and cold weather by now?  The Christmas/Holiday season is over, you’re probably broke after paying all your credit card bills and there’s little to look forward to except Spring, and . . . → Read More: February Phone Sex and Other Fun Stuff

Femdom Dogging

Part III

The familiar pain stung it’s way into subby-hubby’s buttocks and, inevitably, through to his cock.  Only one blow, but it was enough to make his buttocks flinch and his cock twitch.  He braced himself for more caning that never came and as much as he dreaded the pain, he was disappointed and . . . → Read More: Femdom Dogging

April Fool!

No, you’re not having flashbacks, well some of  you might be, but that IS the Magic Bus you hear playing in your head.  There’s going to be a very special trip (bus trip that is) on Saturday the 31st  March leaving Cock Radio at 3pm eastern and lasting, well we’ll see what . . . → Read More: April Fool!