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The Birth of an Intelligent Domme – Part V

The fifth installment of a certain subbie’s fantasy about how I might have begun my femdom proclivities.  Please show him your appreciation for his hard word by leaving a comment.

His erection jumped in his leathers this time and he blinked (a sign of submissiveness) and went silent before he regained his composure . . . → Read More: The Birth of an Intelligent Domme – Part V

Topping From the Bottom

A subbie topping from the bottom is never an attractive prospect, although I must admit it’s not something I encounter a lot.  There may be a reason for this!

Topping From the Bottom – Type One

There are two kinds of TFTB; one comes about because the subbie is so used to being in . . . → Read More: Topping From the Bottom

The Conversation About Safe Words

I hadn’t intended to write any more about safe words, but it seems like my first two posts generated quite a discussion.  Mistresses and callers have weighed in with their opinions and experiences around the use (or non-use) of safe words.

Why Not Use Safe Words?

Ms. Olivia mentioned in a comment she . . . → Read More: The Conversation About Safe Words

More About Safe Words

I don’t think I’d quite finished my thoughts about safe words and why you need them, so in case it’s not completely obvious, a safe word (or phrase) is there to make sure no one gets seriously hurt!  I would say to the submissive, if the dominant partner doesn’t want to use a . . . → Read More: More About Safe Words

Take Your Time When You Tell All

Sometimes it takes a real leap of faith to tell me everything.  Sometimes a caller wants me to guess what his secret is (or secrets are – some have many, many secrets) because he can’t quite bring himself to tell me the real reason behind his call.

Too Shy to Say

I think . . . → Read More: Take Your Time When You Tell All