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Cuckold to a Giantess – Part I

Such a fine figure of a man, and so proud of that fact!  And, indeed, why shouldn’t you be?  Don’t you work hard to maintain that firm body, those muscles; no wonder you strut around the way you do.

So Proud!

When it comes to women, you’re proud of yourself there too, aren’t you?  That fine big, hard cock!  Of course, they’re satisfied – why wouldn’t they be?  You know that all you have to do is drop your clothes and women are falling at your feet.  Isn’t that so?  And if they’re not satisfied, well that’s nothing to do with you, is it?  They should be happy you even shared your body with them.

Things Have Changed

However, when you woke up from that nap you took on my couch things had taken a different turn, hadn’t they?  Suddenly the world looked a whole lot bigger although it didn’t take long to realise that it was you that was a whole lot smaller.  In fact, you’re now about the size your cock used to be – isn’t that funny?  It isn’t?  Oh dear.  Well, yes I suppose you’re going to be hard pressed to satisfy any woman now.  In fact, the best you can hope for is to be kept as some sort of little pet, a plaything.  Let’s just hope your arrogance has shrunk somewhat as well…

You Can Watch

Still, don’t worry about me, I’ve made sure I’ll be more than satisfied.  I’ve invited my favourite stud to come over and give me a good seeing to, but you’re welcome to sit on my nightstand and watch if you like.  You never know, you might pick up a few pointers.  That’s assuming, of course, that you might one day be restored to your usual size.  In the meantime, I’m going to be enjoying myself with as many men as I like and all you can do is watch.  Life’s going to be interesting for the next little while, isn’t it, little man?


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6 comments to Cuckold to a Giantess – Part I

  • I LOVE the idea of hot dude transformed to tiny man in a jar. That’s such a naughty idea that really gets me going. I can only imagine putting my little pet fishie man on my bedside table in his special jar and giving him the show of a lifetime. 😉

  • Oh Ms. Catherine you really now how to weave a tale!! I love the picture of the little man in the jar, too! You know how to take those arrogant male egos and shrink them to little obedient cucky pets. I would love to tag team some of those tiny men with you and put them in their place, great post!

  • Ms Catherine, I very much enjoyed this blog post. Giantess fantasies are another type of fantasy that the conflicted male ego creates to self-flagellate with…and us Mistresses are more than happy to oblige.

  • Catherine

    And wouldn’t it drive him CRAZY?? hehehehe

  • Catherine

    Yes – that would be fun, wouldn’t it?!

  • Catherine

    Indeed we are! Who wouldn’t enjoy playing with a tiny little man?

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