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Cuckold to a Giantess Part II

So how’s the view from there?  Are you sure you’ll be able to see everything?  I mean, I want to make sure you don’t miss a thing and I think my nightstand will be the perfect vantage point for you.

How Come Your Penis is Hard?

Oh look!  How sweet!  Your little tiny splinter of a penis is hard even before the action starts!  Just the thought of what you’re going to witness as soon as my lover gets here is enough to get you going, isn’t it?  Poor little man; you must be thinking about what you’d like to be doing to me if only I hadn’t shrunk you down to size.  As it is you’re just a tiny little cuckold.

I’m Keeping Him!

I’ve been thinking about how much more fun it might be to keep you this size.  Remember how you always said six inches was enough?  Yes, I know you were talking about something else at the time, but I think you’re absolutely right – six inches IS enough, enough height for you!  This way I’ll be able to control you keep you nice and safe and nice and chaste; you won’t need a nasty, uncomfortable cock cage – just a cage!  Get used to it, little man, I’m keeping you!


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2 comments to Cuckold to a Giantess Part II

  • Empress Rayne

    What a cute little cuckold you have there, Ms Catherine. And contrary to his assertions this instance is the one and only time six inches will suffice. At that size, he may not make a good fluffer, but he will definitely fit quite nicely when inserted to play clean up.

  • Catherine

    He is cute, isn’t he? Of course, he may look a bit different when we’ve finished with him!

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