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Why Cross-Dressing Can Be Good For You!

Of course there are probably many ways in which cross-dressing can be good for you, but today I’ve been thinking about how much it can boost your overall confidence.  You might be timid and shy in your “every day” life, but what about when you dress as a whole other person?

Remember the Games You Used to Play?

Growing up, didn’t you play games where you became another person?  You were maybe a super-hero, a cowboy, a pirate?  Remember how good it felt to take on that persona, remember the things you could do – or felt you could do?  Your grown-up games might be a little different, for instance they might involve kinky, naughty rules.  The props might consist of breast forms, high heels and strap-ons.  You’re only limited by your imagination and your tastes.

Go On – Be a Diva!

When you assume another persona; when you accept your alter ego, you become confident and self-assured.  You can be assertive, sassy, a diva if you want to!  You can do and say the things you always wanted to but never dared.  The best part is, no matter how outrageous the behaviour, you can blame that other self.  After all, it’s not you … is it?


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