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Why Cross-Dressing Can Be Good For You!

Of course there are probably many ways in which cross-dressing can be good for you, but today I’ve been thinking about how much it can boost your overall confidence.  You might be timid and shy in your “every day” life, but what about when you dress as a whole other person?

Remember the Games You Used to Play?

Growing up, didn’t you play games where you became another person?  You were maybe a super-hero, a cowboy, a pirate?  Remember how good it felt to take on that persona, remember the things you could do – or felt you could do?  Your grown-up games might be a little different, for instance they might involve kinky, naughty rules.  The props might consist of breast forms, high heels and strap-ons.  You’re only limited by your imagination and your tastes.

Go On – Be a Diva!

When you assume another persona; when you accept your alter ego, you become confident and self-assured.  You can be assertive, sassy, a diva if you want to!  You can do and say the things you always wanted to but never dared.  The best part is, no matter how outrageous the behaviour, you can blame that other self.  After all, it’s not you … is it?


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14 comments to Why Cross-Dressing Can Be Good For You!

  • Petey cream puff

    I soo agree with this!!! I went to wedding last night and after seeing all these hot dresses is rather wear them instead of boring suit. I’ve already started buying more women’s clothes as they fit/feel and look better on me. Especially wearing bra/panties/slip!! I hate wearing men’s underwear!! The fit/fabric is bad as its to tight around me. This coming weekend I’m going to wear my women’s slim fit pull up slacks in either brown/wine or black along with asking my date if I should wear ankle boots or mules. I’ll also be layering my Ralph Lauren midnight romance lotion with perfume. If others notice I’ll tell them she wanted me to wear it and I’ll have feet in dirt with her being in charge of me in female lead relationship and her having her nails dug into me.

  • yvonne

    Hi Ms

    This is a wonderful article. Crossdressing is a s great source of stress relief doe me. It is like you say. We all role played at one time or another as children. For me stripping off the male clothes and dressing in a beautiful gown with hair and makeup and jewelry is such a relaxing activity. All the days stress and pressure just melt away.


  • Owen

    Finding time with some nice bras and other ladies things is like a magical healthcare holiday for me. It was (and still is) a big secret. I became fascinated with them as a boy and just cannot get enough.

  • Ms Catherine, you make such an important point regarding playing and having fun like we did when we were younger. For sissies, it’s an opportunity to freely express themselves and their various sexy styles.

  • Sissy April Nicole

    You have really hit upon the aspect of crossdressing.Wow how can you as a woman know how good it feels as a tiny penis male to totally body shave wear panties heels make up wig and short skirts with or without pantyhose and the sexxy feeling of wearing a bra with silicone forms and strutting like a woman and being looked as one with lesbian women wanting you and men wanting to fuck you and showing you their cocks oo the stories i have from crossdressing

  • Princess

    Indeed it is…. love the way it feels both in terms of being submissive and looking sexy! At least it feels sexy to me when I am dressed en femme 🙂

  • Catherine

    In that case, it IS doing you good! 🙂

  • Catherine

    As a woman, I think I have a fairly good idea of how it might feel 😉

  • Catherine

    Yes, I really think it’s an opportunity not to be missed! Don’t we all need more fun in our lives?

  • Catherine

    That’s a great way to describe it, Owen 🙂

  • Catherine

    Yvonne, you make the point perfectly!

  • Catherine

    “Feet in dirt”? That’s a new one on me!

  • owen

    I feel more relaxed when I can put on some silkie things.

  • Catherine

    You’re not alone in that feeling, owen – I hear it all the time!

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