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CFNM. Do Clothes Make the Man?

I’ve often heard it said that clothes make the man and I do believe that, in a way, it’s true.  In your corporate suit, your uniform, even your casual clothes, some kind of statement is made. Oh sure, you can come across as the “big man” in that expensive suit; the tailoring, the fabric reflecting your taste, your style and your degree of wealth.  But what about when that’s all stripped away?  What about when you can no longer hide what lies beneath?  Taken a step further, what happens when you’re exposed to a group of fully dressed, strong and dominant women?  Do your testicles and cock shrivel up at the very thought of it?  Ah yes, at the thought of it perhaps, but if it were a reality?  Your cock, whatever it’s size, might react very differently!

Clothed Female Naked Male

There’s something about a naked man in those circumstances that can make the most serious of women burst out laughing.  We can’t help it.  It’s just funny!  It’s nothing to do with how you’re built; you could be an absolute Adonis with a cock to match but we’ll still laugh at you.  Of course, if you do happen to have an exceptionally small penis, then we might just laugh even harder.  Oh, and I should warn you that the Mistresses of LDW have very exacting standards!


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4 comments to CFNM. Do Clothes Make the Man?

  • Petey cream puff

    Being naked in front of you and the hot mistresses is overwhelming as I’m overpowered by all of you. My clitty is really small but it’s growing as all of you are surrounding/teasing/kissing me😳😮😧👙👗💄. Seeing bag full of makeup/lingerie and body con sheath dress hanging on door are all of you going to dress/turn and keep me as your cream puff girl?

  • Catherine

    If you’re very, very lucky…

  • Ms Catherine, CFNM is a powerful way to turn the tables on a conceited male narcissist. No matter what lies underneath, when the tide goes out us females will laugh our asses off. Great blog post!

  • Catherine

    It’s true – we just can’t help ourselves! 😉

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